Scuba Review

If it has been a while since you were last in the water, you may feel a little rusty skills-wise. You might be looking to start another course, but would like to refresh the core skills before starting in on a new set.

The recommendation is that, if you have been out of the water for more than a few months or dive infrequently, you should do a review of skills and theory. The aim is to get your knowledge back up to speed and your skills sharpened ready for your next adventure, so that you can get into open water comfortable and ready.

You will be given access to an online course to run through the theory, and then we meet up to discuss what you have covered, and help you where you feel you need it.

The pool session is spent running through the core skills you learned at Open Water level. We’ll also advise you on ways you can improve your diving so that you feel confident, ready, and comfortable in your abilities.

You may even pick up something new!

Once complete, we will log your dive in your training profile, sign your dive log, and send you a digital certificate.

COURSE LINKING – You can do this cert as preparation for your next course;  Contact us for details

Scuba Review


One evening recapping theory as required
One pool session running through skills.

RAID Scuba Diver or equivalent certification.
Minimum of 10 years old and medically fit to dive.

• Create your FREE profile to access your materials
• Upload a photo
• Complete your medical questionnaire and disclaimers

• Learning materials
• Presentation and instruction
• Standard pool time
• Air fills
• Use of our equipment
• Sign-off of Logs, and digital certificate.

Any completed forms we have requested. Any diving gear you own, or shorts and t-shirt for the pool and don’t forget your towel!

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