Drysuit Diver Specialty

Diving doesn’t have to just be about being in warm water. Some of the top dive sites in the world are in cooler conditions. A wetsuit doesn’t totally remove you from contact with the water, and in warmer conditions a good wetsuit is fine. However, in cooler water you need something a little more insulating.

A drysuit is a ‘shell’ that minimizes your contact with the water, and insulates you with a layer of air, with the added thermal protection of a warm under-suit. It requires more training, but if you’re planning to dive the colder water in the UK over the winter months, the benefits are obvious. You will often find that once in a drysuit, most people dive them year round!

During the course you’ll learn about different types of drysuit, donning and removal, buoyancy characteristics, control and techniques, correct weighting, safety and emergency procedures, maintenance techniques and undergarment choices. Proof of certification is often required to rent or buy a drysuit.

COURSE LINKING – You can earn this certification as part of another course;  Contact us for details.

RAID Drysuit Diver Specialty


Independent studying must be done ahead of the training sessions and reviewed with your instructor.
This specialty can be completed in one day – confined and in water dives at the same site in the summer. In winter the course requires separate pool session ahead of the open water day.

Open Water Diver or equivalent certification.
You must be minimum of 10 years old and medically fit to dive.

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• Complete your medical questionnaire and disclaimers

• Learning materials
• Presentation and instruction
• Standard pool time
• Air fills
• Use of our equipment (Not including drysuit hire, but we can advise on hire)
• Certification & e-card upon completion

Any completed forms we have requested. Any diving gear you own, and don’t forget your towel!

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We also offer PADI Drysuit diver

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