Deep 40

Ready to develop your skills, knowledge and techniques to safely participate in dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters. Maybe there is a particular dive, or something you have always wanted to see or experience which is at that greater depth.

The RAID Deep 40 Specialty develops the knowledge required to plan, prepare and analyse for your dive to reduce stress and confusion, allowing you to enhance your diving experience.

You’ll extend your diving range and knowledge by learning about hazards, dive planning, redundancy and organisation, as well as special procedures and techniques that are relevant to deep dives.

You’ll learn equipment considerations, risk and redundancy, planning your limits with regards to environment, you and your buddy’s abilities, previous dives and proximity of emergency care. Training also includes information about nitrogen narcosis, decompression illness (DCI), and re-compression chamber procedures, as well as planning and uses of different gasses including a recreational tri-mix option.

RAID Deep 40


Independent studying must be done ahead of the training sessions and reviewed with your instructor.
Four dives conducted over a minimum of two days.

Explorer 30 or equivalent certification.
Minimum of 5 hours logged dive time.
Minimum of 15 years old and medically fit to dive.

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• Certification & e-card upon completion

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