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Dive South

T-shirt update - really sorry everyone, I am still trying to resolve some issues we have with the order with the clothing company. I am trying to get the problems rectified, please bare with us and I will keep you updated, thank you all for your patience🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️ ... See MoreSee Less

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No problem Lisa Frew, no rush, too warm for a hoodie at the moment anyway! 😊

No worries, hopefully have them for the Santa dive. 😊

Well done to Harvey on becoming a Raid Open water 20 diver today:) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #skills #goals #scubadiving #divinguk
Well done to Rupert on becoming a Raid Open water 20 diver today:) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #skills #goals #scubadiving #divinguk
Well done to Bruce on becoming a Raid Open water 20 diver today:) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #skills #goals #scubadiving #divinguk
What a difference a day makes...so there was less blue sky and lacking the sunshine today, but that didnt matter, theses guys shone through!We have 3 qualified Raid Open Water 20 divers, amazing work by all divers today, congratulations to Bruce, Rupert and Harvey for earning your certification today and well done to Tracy on all her hard work towards her certification, you are doing great and were looking forward to working with you to achieve your certification very soon. There are too many memorable moments to mention but seeing you all on your final safety stop of the course, I just hung back and took in the view of you all as a team with Rich and Justin holding your stop beautifully and your slow ascents from 5m to the surface in metre by metre stages was great to see, big well done to everyone for great teamwork:)) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #diveraid @vobsterquay #vobsterquay #Xdeep #Apeks #learntoscuba #scubadiving #divingUK #goals #skills

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Awesome guys looks like your rocking it over there 😎😎😎

Great, well done all. See you in the water soon. 🐙🐙🐙

Congratulations everybody!

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We have already booked a hotel 😁

I need your Help 👍👍 You Guys where amazing last year

Hello Dive South thanks for sharing.

Great first day in Open Water for their RAID Open Water 20 Course. Well done to Rupert, Bruce, Tracy, Harvey and Lei. Sun was shining and it was a lovely place to be today. Great work guys, get some well earned rest tonight and well see you bright and early tomorrow morning. Sorry Rich you didnt get to be in the photo as you had to dash off. Also big thanks to Justin, Scott and Dave too for all your support both in the water and topside. Lovely to see Rob, Sam and Sally, glad you had a good days diving too guys @divesouth #divesouth #diveraidUK #Vobsterquay #learntoscuba #Scubadiving #ukdiving #Xdeep #Apeks

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Well done guys... Been there... Done that.... They are the best... 😎

Can't wait to try my drysuit


Dive South

We have a little space at the end of July, and unsurprisingly we would like to use the time to run a course!

Cue: The Explorer30 or Advanced35 course!

Let me know which you are interested in below, and we will contact you with some details. Lets do something interesting in July!
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I’d love to do my advanced course finally!!

T-shirt/Hoodie update - apologies for the delay, they should be with us by the end of the week. Unfortunately they didnt arrive back with the sender after Hermes said they were being sent back due to the package being damaged during delivery, so poor Neptune have had to reprint them for us, hence the delay. We will let you know as soon as we have received them, pick up at our new teaching space and a social catch up somewhere afterwards I feel might be in order:))

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Hi Lisa Frew Would you be able to send mine to a different address please I’m not at the previous one anymore. I’ll pm you. Thanks.

Save one for me please! 🙏

Dolphins at Lundy today, excited for next months trip 🐬💦

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Some really solid work done yesterday by a good team! Looking forward to the coming weekend!

Great to see the new Dive South Training classroom in full swing tonight with the RAID open water 20 students:) We have been working on this little project in the background, few bits still to work on but its officially setup and ready to go! Well done to everyone tonight, really great session, looking forward to Sundays pool session @divesouth #divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #scubadivingImage attachment

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Awesome Some great images on walls too

Looks great guys!

Looks great congrats

Super nice - really pleased for you!!

Looks perfect for you! Justin however seems to be asleep in the corner 😴

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You guys are in great hands... 😎👍

Thank you all for a fun and informative session 💦


Dive South

Just a quick update on the T-shirts, apologies they were supposed to be here last week, but apparently the courier company have messed up, so they are now on the way back to the sender, doh! 😞 So as soon as they have them back, they will send them back to us, will keep you posted. Sorry all! ... See MoreSee Less


Dive South

Great pool session tonight, all watermanship skills and snorkelling completed for this months RAID Open Water 20 students. Great first session guys and gals, looking forward to Sunday’s pool session. Well done to Bruce, Rupert, Tracy, Harvey and Lei :)) ... See MoreSee Less

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Awesome photos

Fantastic photos Lisa Frew

Looks awesome...class pictures as always... What depth were you guys at the wreck

Great pics

These guys are really working those new digital RAID recognition materials, our very own Instructor Lisa created:) congratulations to Adan and Alasdair on achieving your Open Water 20 qualification and Andy for his Raid drysuit specialty qualification, great work guys;) #divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #Vobster #Xdeep #ApeksImage attachmentImage attachment

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You were risking it a bit, that plank looks a bit thin, unlike the plank on top 😘😘

Alasdair’s trim looking awesome on his RAID Open Water 20 course at weekend, well done! #divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #Vobster #Xdeep #ApeksImage attachmentImage attachment

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Thank you to Divesouth for not only getting me through my drysuit speciality course last weekend, but for also showing me the excitement of scuba diving, by putting me through my open water course last year. To anyone who wants to experience the excitement of an underwater world then Divesouth is just a phone call away. Andy Low

Adam’s trim looking awesome on his RAID Open Water 20 course at weekend, well done! #divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #Vobster #Xdeep #Apeks #scubadiving #ScubadivingukImage attachmentImage attachment

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Perfection 👌👌🤟

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We’ve been lucky enough to see them several times at Isla Mujeres, Mexico and in the Maldives too. Just beautiful to watch, such effortless movement for such a big creature, but boy they are pretty fast, before you know it you’re watching their massive tail fin sweeping past you and off into the distance:) I love to swim side by side looking into their eyes and gills, moments I will never forget. Their markings are stunning, such graceful big giants:) 🐳🦈💕

I'm still waiting for that magical moment. Missed one in February by 5 minutes in Moalboal, Philippines some of us were still diving after several other divers had returned to the boat after chugging their air. One passed by the dive boat before the rest of us surfaced. So sometimes pays to be an air guzzler.

It's 20 years ago now but I worked in Exmouth, WA for three seasons doing my DM and returning as an instructor. Stunning creatures. In May/June in Exmouth you get the tail end of the whale sharks, mantas, the humpbacks are just arriving. Then there is all the usual daily stuff in their usual place like snakes, rays, turtles, schools of fish you can't see through, the odd tiger shark. I once had a 3.5-4m tiger shark on the qualifying dive of an OW course and we used to freedive with bull sharks/bronze whalers on the way back from the dive sites. All this in 10-12m max inside the reef. Now that would be a holiday...

Only ever seen one on the surface from liveaboard in Egypt. Maldives next year, so fingers crossed!!

Isla Mujeres (they’re small make juveniles) swimming side by side with mantas! St. Helena (big pregnant females and adult males). Ascension Island: juvenile ones, big anyway, swimming between huge jacks, galapagos sharks black durgeon! Love the moment you realize....yes, it’s a whale shark and then they’re almost passed you the next second. So gracefully slow, but fast by size!

My memory...

Only in my dreams at the moment 🙂

Exmouth, QLD 😁Edit: WA not QLD!

Thailand. On the King Cruiser wreck.

Despite hoping to in the Philippines, I wasn't lucky enough. The search continues.

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Just received some lovely feedback from Adam one of our Raid Open Water 20 students from this weekend. Thank you Adam, we absolutely loved your enthusiam and focus throughout your course, I think its safe to say you have the bug for scuba, cant wait to see where it takes you next:) Thanks for modelling the new digital RAID recognition materials created by Lisa.Looking for your next challenge? Book your #RAID Open Water 20 course with us @divesouth #divesouth #diveraid #diveraidUK #LearnToScuba #openwater20 #scubadiving #LearnToDive #scubadivinguk #scuba #vobster


Dive South

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High fives all round 🙂

Excellent!! Well done!!

Well done guys 😎

Congratulations Andy and Kiera, youre now Raid Drysuit Specialty divers, Great work guys and also a big well done to Adam and Alasdair for a couple of awesome dives for your RAID Open Water 20 course and becoming Scuba divers today, looking forward to diving with you both again tomorrow to see you certify as full open water divers, and well done to Katie for some great work on your course:)) Thanks to the Dive South team for all your help today! #divesouth #vobsterquay #Vobster #learntoscuba #diveraiduk #raidopenwater20 #Drysuit

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Forget how nice vobster can be


Dive South

Car loaded and off to the Pool again for RAID Open Water 20 confined (last pool session before open water next weekend;):) ... See MoreSee Less


Dive South

Such a great pool session today, everyone was nailing their hovers:) everything is falling into place very nicely with just one more pool session tomorrow night for our Raid Open Water 20 divers Adam, Alasdair and Katie before going to open water next weekend. Kiera and Andy also looked great on their confined Raid drysuit session today, again the hovering was looking great guys. Keep doing what you’re doing, we’re looking forward to Open Water dives next weekend:)) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #LearnToScuba #Openwater20 #drysuit ... See MoreSee Less

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