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All set in the classroom last week for an evening of theory:) Nice comfy classroom with lots of tea, coffee and biscuits, so if you fancy booking onto our next nitrox, first aid course or just want to pop down and pick up your T-shirts and Hoodies that you ordered please message us:))Image attachmentImage attachment

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looking good guys!

Looking great

can I come for the Tea ???

Any hoodies spare Lisa Frew

Congratulations to Rob and Sam, all your hard work the past few weeks has paid off and we are very proud of you both. Well done to our two new RAID Master Rescue divers:) Its been great to see Sam grow in confidence over the past few years and I know this course was a big step for him, so really big well done Sam, I am sure your dad is a proud as we are:)) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #rescuediver #masterrescue #vobsterquayImage attachmentImage attachment

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Awesome job!! Chuffed for you both - high fives 🙂

Well what a weekend that was. Huge thanks to the DiveSouth team for their patience and understanding of our needs from our first tentative pool sessions a few years ago to becoming Raid Master Recsue divers. We have been taught to dive safely and controlled. The journey has been awesome. Sally and I are really proud of our boys and we are confident they have both had the best start to their diving careers they could of had. Proud to be part of the Raid family.PS thanks to Sally for her patience and support, she has been solid through out.

Well done gents! I wouldn't of rescued Scott though... Should of left him in! ☺️

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prob following the Barrell jellyfish


Robert Gould

Raid Master Rescue, Great pool session on Sunday. Thanks guys, looking forward to the weekend. ... See MoreSee Less

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Good luck🤞

you guys did a great job Rob. Credit where its due matey!

Unfortunately Saturdays dive day has been cancelled due to winds, we may look at plan b of Vobster if people just want to get wet;)

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Or still come down, grab some bargains and look for over £2k's worth of prizes? 😁

Really fun pool session last night, Simon did brilliantly, we spent quite a bit of the session without fins working on trim and hovering, as well as some propulsion techniques and a little bit of SMB work at the end, managed to keep him busy so only got a couple of shots right at the end of the session. Well done to Rose, Mark and Max for doing so well on their Try dive with Rich and Justin and well done to Tracey for making the most of the pool time practicing some skills with Dave. Thanks everyone great work:)) @divesouth #divesouth #DiveRaid #DiveRaidUK 5ThingsClear #learntoscuba #Xdeep #ApeksImage attachmentImage attachment

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Thanks for another excellent session and thanks to Lisa for her great work.

Feeling those Monday blues? What better way to start your week off, with a try dive:) we’re looking forward to introducing three new divers to scuba tonight. Book your Monday evening Try dive today @divesouth #divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba

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Is the pool open to anyone Lisa?

We’re looking forward to welcoming Simon from #5thingsclear back tonight for some more fun hanging out underwater and some fine tuning in preparation for his upcoming Ecological diver course:) @divesouth #divesouth #5thingsclear #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba 5ThingsClear
Its so nice to receive such great feedback about the RAID courses and how we do things here at Dive South. We just had to share Adams amazing feedback from his RAID Explorer 30 /Drysuit Specialty and Nitrox Specialty courses from last week. We are so glad you are enjoying your courses with us and we love teaching and diving with you. You are super keen and are clearly enjoying your time underwater learning new skills and putting them into practice. Its been great to see you progress so well on your journey so far and we all cant wait to see where it takes you next. Looking forward to many more dives with you coming up:) Sign up today to start your RAID journey https://www.diveraid.com/asp/members/register.asp?fromdc=577 @DiveSouth #DiveSouth #diveRaid #diveRaidUK #learntoscuba #scubadiving #Explorer30 #Drysuit #Nitrox #ukdiving

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Well done Divesouth again, and well done Adam.... I can see you going a long way in scuba diving... Maybe even instructor? Well done with you're courses mate, keep it up...

Another fun pool session this morning, some different courses going on - we had Rob and Sam in working on their confined work for their Raid Master Rescue course, Maria enjoying her first taste of scuba as she completed her watermanship and snorkelling skills a couple of weeks back and is now well under way with her pool work towards her RAID Open Water 20 course. It was also lovely to meet Georgia who completed her skills review and we are looking forward to her joining us on some local dives soon. Well done everyone, sorry these were the only photos from today, hopefully take some more next time:) @divesouth #divesouth #scubadiving #scubadivinguk #learntoscubaImage attachment
Thank you to all our divers, here’s to many more amazing dives together:))


Dive South

Underwater Treasure Hunt ** PRIZE DETAILS ** + Treasure Map



We will hide 9 red stones and 1 gold stone under the water in Chesil cove – Google Maps (close to O’Three HQ) for you to find. The red stones will be numbered, the numbers will equate to certain prizes.

If (when) you find one and bring it in to us over the weekend we will exchange it for a prize as detailed below.

Gold Stone Prize
O’Three MSF500tb Flex Grey Drysuit – worth £995.
Off the peg, made to fit.


Red Stone No.1 Prize
O’Three 65 Semi-Dry in Blue – worth £275.00
O’Three Classic Semi Hood – worth £37.95
O’Three Zipperless Flex Boots – worth £44.95
O’Three T-Flex Gloves – worth £24.95

Total Value – £382.85


Red Stone No.2 Prize
O’Three GBS 3mm Onepiece wetsuit – worth £185.00
O’Three Classic Semi Hood – worth £37.95
O’Three Zipperless Flex Boots – worth £44.95
O’Three T-Flex Gloves – worth £24.95

Total Value – £292.85


Red Stone No.3 Prize
O’Three Deepskin Shortjohn – worth 79.95
O’Three Deepskin Tech Vest – worth £59.95

Total Value – £139.90


Plain Red Stones with no number – 6 off
O’Three Towel – worth £14.95
O’Three Cap – worth £9.95
O’Three T-Shirt – worth £19.95
O’Three Stickers – worth £3.00
O’Three 25ltr Dry Bag – worth £15.95

Total Value – £63.80 each prize.

Good Luck ;o)
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Now these I have seen in the flesh and they look awesome, yet to try them out yet, but we do love all of our Apeks regulators so no doubt I will end up owning a set of these. Small and perfectly formed, light weight yet not compromising on the robust build quality. Very nice!
The new Xdeep mask soon to be launched, looks great can’t wait to see one in the flesh:)

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Looks amazing🥰

Anyone fancy a couple of dives at Swanage with me tomorrow? A couple of different options just let me know ASAP this morning as there are limited spaces. Option 1 - an early drift or the Fleur in the morning then the pier or option 2 - the pier late morning then a drift in the afternoon around 3:30pm.

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Awesome photo!

I would if I could 😊

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Happy memories x

Fab photos!

It was great fun, thanks to everyone for making it so enjoyable 👍❤️

Had a blast and thanks to everyone for making it a real treat and a massive thank you to you and Rich for organising it all... but if you could please try a little harder on the weather front for next time that’d be great 😀

Lisa, as always you have taken some great pictures... Love the one with the seal posing... 😎

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A fantastic morning thank you 🙏

It was good fun and good company... As always... 😎

Thank you Simon for your kind words:)) We had a great time and cant wait for your Raid Ecological Diver Specialty course #divesouth #diveraiduk #diveraid 5ThingsClear #learntoscuba


Dive South

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Love it! 🐙💙

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That was a very nice dive..!

Love these! 🙂


Louie Brown

Beautiful late afternoon 80 minute dive at Chesil today, instructors go diving:)) slightly milky 5-6m, such a pretty garden underwater,dogfish, two John Dory, Bib, pollack, corkwing wrasse, Ballan wrasse, shoals of sand smelt, velvet swimmers, nudi’s and the cutest young cuttlefish we’ve seen in a long time, #divesouth @divesouth #lovedivinguk #scubadiving #chesil #diveraidukImage attachmentImage attachment

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Had an awesome day and really good fun! Very nice to meet Adam and Stephanie and be a part of her 100th! Thanks for the brilliant pics and organising things - can’t wait for next time 🙂

Awesome Stephanie your doing great 💪👌😎

Great photos Lisa

with Stephanie Pettitt, Richard Frew, Adam Cooke, Kev Clark, Jon Bailey, Martin McQuay

Nearly there, stunning day here in Portland:))Image attachmentImage attachment


Dive South

Sun’s out, let’s go diving:))) heading to Portland for a lovely days club diving 💦🐬🐠☀️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Hope you guys had a great day, my plans were changed late Friday, so managed a couple of dives at Chesil.

The long awaited Dive South Tshirts and hoodies have arrived! Sorry for the delay everyone, long story🤣 we are planning to have a social get together one evening next week, meet at the new classroom and then head for a beer, so we can hand them out then:)) We are waiting for a partial refund from them due to all the issues, so we are hoping to be able to refund you all £5 each and a couple of sizes were incorrect so we’ll catch up with you all individually about the refunds. #divesouth @divesouth #recycle #recycledclothing
Great idea...
Thank you Bruce, we are so pleased you enjoyed your re-intro back into diving with us and the RAID Open Water 20 course. Its great to hear that it filled in those gaps where needed and has set you up well for your future dives. Looking forward to diving with you soon:) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraid #learntoscuba #scubadiving #divinguk
Last nights pool session was brilliant, two new RAID Open water 20 students Maria and Mike started with their watermanship skills and snorkelling skills, great start guys. And Adam joined us for his first try dive and he absolutely smashed it, such a natural and I just know he’s going to be a great diver, have a great time in the Dominican Republic and have fun on your open water course, looking forward to introducing you to drysuit diving on your return:)) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #trydive #scubadiving #divinguk #xdeep #apeksImage attachmentImage attachment


Dive South

T-shirt update - really sorry everyone, I am still trying to resolve some issues we have with the order with the clothing company. I am trying to get the problems rectified, please bare with us and I will keep you updated, thank you all for your patience🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️ ... See MoreSee Less

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No worries, hopefully have them for the Santa dive. 😊

Well done to Harvey on becoming a Raid Open water 20 diver today:) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #skills #goals #scubadiving #divinguk
Well done to Rupert on becoming a Raid Open water 20 diver today:) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #skills #goals #scubadiving #divinguk
Well done to Bruce on becoming a Raid Open water 20 diver today:) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #skills #goals #scubadiving #divinguk
What a difference a day makes...so there was less blue sky and lacking the sunshine today, but that didnt matter, theses guys shone through!We have 3 qualified Raid Open Water 20 divers, amazing work by all divers today, congratulations to Bruce, Rupert and Harvey for earning your certification today and well done to Tracy on all her hard work towards her certification, you are doing great and were looking forward to working with you to achieve your certification very soon. There are too many memorable moments to mention but seeing you all on your final safety stop of the course, I just hung back and took in the view of you all as a team with Rich and Justin holding your stop beautifully and your slow ascents from 5m to the surface in metre by metre stages was great to see, big well done to everyone for great teamwork:)) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraiduk #diveraid @vobsterquay #vobsterquay #Xdeep #Apeks #learntoscuba #scubadiving #divingUK #goals #skills

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Awesome guys looks like your rocking it over there 😎😎😎

Great, well done all. See you in the water soon. 🐙🐙🐙

Congratulations everybody!

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I need your Help 👍👍 You Guys where amazing last year

We have already booked a hotel 😁

Hello Dive South thanks for sharing.

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We look forward to diving with you soon:)

For more information please email info@divesouth.co.uk