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Nice work Lisa. I’ll have one of the hoddies in XL please

1 x XL tee, Grey 👍

1x M Tee and 1x L Hoodie Pleeeaaasssseee


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First dive was worth taking the camera, second dive it was definitely more of an unused accessory I could have done without, so you never really know,)

Was a great day! 😁 Halfway through the first dive I started kicking myself for not taking my camera as I thought there would be no point because of recent viz reports! 🤦🏼‍♀️ *lesson learnt! 😆

Looks amazing guys... Great pictures as always lisa


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Errrr you forgot the best bit!! Such a great day, thank you very much, fingers crossed for more of the same soon 😎

Sounds like you had a great day! Looks like the weathers changing and we might get blown out at the end of the week, Gutted! 🤔

That vis looks amazing!

Alan White

I’m desperate to get in the sea 😭💓

Karen - I thought Liv might like to see the photos that Lisa took yesterday 😊

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You'll be pleased to know that your school wings left XDEEP yesterday :-)

Dont knock that Vis.....until you have been to Norfolk! Awesome.

Lisa Frew Richard Frew please could you report that net and rope to ghost fishing uk and the suit looks very nice 😁


Dive South

No Vobster today guys, sorry dive buddies are not feeling well:( so I am looking for a local dive somewhere, just want to get in somewhere seeing as it’s glorious weather. ... See MoreSee Less


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Im off for a swim at shore rd at 8.. Dunno what time slack is?..can give you a vis report

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It was great to catch up yesterday and good fun trying all the skills my task master Justin set me... Thanks guys...... Hope to catch up on 27th for some more practice, before my dry suit course starts in May.. Cheers Andy

PS... Great pictures Lisa... They almost make me look good 😎

Is it expensive?!

The Big Harbour Clean Up - we are looking at how we as dive clubs/centres can all club together and work out how we can get involved.If you are interested in getting involved please let us know, you can get in touch Lisa@divesouth.co.ukhttps://bigharbourcleanup.com/
April at a glance - https://mailchi.mp/26d6e4d6f359/its-april-already


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Cracking stuff - look really good!


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Is that another young lad learning to dive?? Hope so and good to David Rintoul in the water.

We have a pool session this Saturday morning, if you would like to join us either for a workshop, try dive, refresher, skills practice or just fancy a splash about. Please could you let us know this evening so we know how many tanks to fill tomorrow;)
To those already coming - we will email you asking for some more details if we need them.Many thanks and we hope to see you Saturday morning:)


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Me me me me <jumps up and down>

The brothers, Egypt one of the Top 10 dive destinations:) looking forward to November:))Image attachmentImage attachment


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Have they stopped the sharks nipping divers now?

Looking forward to this one!


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Except I have never seen one in the wild as you are all aware by now. This year will be the year. 🐬 🐬 🐬


Dive South

Just a little friendly reminder, if you would like to join us for any local diving, dive trip or course we post up, please could you email lisa@divesouth.co.uk, please do not just say you are interested or going on the event, as it's sometimes easy to miss and it would help us to know wants to come, or please comment on the event and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

In the email, please can you let us know that you would like to come and provide a phone number so we can get in touch with you.

Then we can get in touch and send you a link to create a RAID profile, sign up to our dive centre and fill in a medical questionnaire and standard diving disclaimers, then you’ll be ready and up to speed to join us;)

Many thanks,

Lisa & Rich
... See MoreSee Less

Vobster late night Thursday’s are back, 25th April:)


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It’s a date! See you there!!


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God that looks so inviting! Booked up all weekend but crossing all fingers to make the weather hold out!! Hope you all enjoy it!


The weather is finally looking a bit more settled for a few days, anyone up for diving Chesil on Saturday??
Well done AJ, so I thought I would start in reverse order, here’s the last photo from today at Vobster after a great day’s diving:) the rest will follow tomorrow as it’s a bit too late now to be posting! Thanks Justin for doing such a great job of capturing today’s fun for us:))
Well done AJ achieving your Open Water 20 course. Really great to see you complete today, lots of really solid work put into your neutral skills and buoyancy control, it’s great to see a student diver want to do some of the skills a few times just until he was happy with them, so looking forward to your next steps with us and diving with you again soon;)) #divesouth @divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #openwater20


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^5 man well done!

Beautiful morning at Vobster, looking forward to a great days diving with AJ, Rich and Justin:) #divesouth @divesouth #openwarer20 #diveraiduk Vobster Quay Inland Diving CentreImage attachmentImage attachment


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Pfft far too nice a day for me to dive - nowhere near cold enough or drizzley 😀

Waved to you underwater you look we like you were all in full RAID mode😀


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For those asking about the price... (also I have now created it as an event with more information added there)

What you looking at cost wise?

Lisa Frew what's the cost please

John Kovacs

Lindsay Williams

In in👍🐳🐳🐳

Maaaan why is everyone doing South! I want metal!!!

Lisa Frew send me the details

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So whos coming? Were heading up to Vobster this Sunday, well be teaching but it would be nice to see you, and you are welcome to join us:)Image attachmentImage attachment


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Sorry guys not this Sunday, Flying Sotsman day with little nephew. Choo Choo. Enjoy your dives.

Happy International Day of Happiness, these little guys always look like they are smiling, can’t blame him/her my happy place is underwater too 🙂 #internationaldayofhappiness #divesouth #pufferfish


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Awesome shots, great start to the day bringing back happy memories cannot wait to get back in the sea and make some more memories. Thanks Lisa Frew🐙🐙

Does snorkling and helmet diving pics count?... 😎

This is what we tell people- Dive the UK, it’s stunning! May I share your photos on our fb page please Lisa? Your photos definitely give it a good name 😍

These are some beautiful photos

Lovely pics!! 🐟🦀

Don't. Want a.pic of your helmet


Very nice


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Great session today, learnt lots and loved every minute 😁

Excellent work I must learn some of these skills some day 😎

I need to learn how to do this with you Lisa!!! X


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We look forward to diving with you soon:)

For more information please email info@divesouth.co.uk