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Dive South

Looking forward to an evening at the Ocean Film Festival tonight!
#oceanfilmfestival #divesouth
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This fantastic opportunity could be yours, get entering...
It may be a miserable morning outside, but poolside it’s tropical:) Love Sunday mornings, who needs lie in’s🤣 you’re welcome to join us next Sunday! @divesouth #divesouth #learntoscuba #diveraiduk #Xdeep #Zen #Apeks #lovesundays #pooltime #skillsanddrills #openwater20


Dive South

Myself, Scott and Adam had a fantastic day yesterday trying the VMS RedBare up at Vobster Quay, with great briefing and supervision from Hugo and Seb. This is really a fascinating area of diving and I see why it is clearly on the increase.

I am nothing but impressed with the dive I had on the unit, and found it pretty user friendly. It also highlighted how little I think about the little buoyancy corrections I make throughout a Dive on open circuit, which have zero effect on CCR! It’s a learning curve though, and it has left me interested to learn more and gain more skills of course!

We were also fully geeked upon with the breakdown of our dives from Tim and also the glimpse into the engineering involved from Martin. I must admit I got a little lost in places when three engineers in one room started getting into it!
For any looking to have a go on a rebreather, I can heavily recommend it - a day well spent in my opinion!

Big thanks to Tim Clements and the guys at Vobster Quay for an inspiring day, to Hugo for his fantastic briefing and instruction, and to Seb for his supervision - it really was a great day!

If you are interested in having a go, get in touch with the guys up at Vobster Quay and you won’t be disappointed!

Two things though ....
1) Be aware that you will end the day wanting to know more, and
2) Let Lisa know if you’re going...she’s not happy that we went without her!


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If you are thinking about improving your dive skills and taking it to the next level, the Master Rescue course is certainly a challenging and very rewarding course. Tim was kind enough to share his thoughts on his course with us, which saw him qualify this weekend. Thank you so much Tim, you and your buddy Kev worked very hard to achieve this and it was a very well earned certification, well done! If you would like more info about our next RAID Master Rescue Course please email info@divesouth.co.uk @divesouth #divesouth #DiveRaid #DiveRaidUK #LearnToScuba #MasterRescue

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Thanks to Richard for the amazing instructing 🙂 !

Go Tim!

Awesome stuff mate.


Well done Tim.

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Cool in slo-mo!

That’s a 10 from Len!

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Well done all, I hope you were more careful with Dave than we were.

Thanks to Tim Holgate for being a cracking course buddy and teaching me a lot about planning and thanks Dive South for being brilliant instructors and another awesome time - loved every second of it and crack on Deep 40 🙂

Well Done Fellas 👍

Well Done Guys!

Awesome job


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Congratulations Mike on passing your Raid Open Water 20 Course:)
@divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #vobsterquay #learntoscuba #openwater20Image attachmentImage attachment

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Well done Mike 👊

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Congratulations to all!


Dive South

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Madison Moore-Haines


Dive South

So a busy few days in the classroom...O2 admin, Fist Aid, and Nitrox specialties all signed off! Big Thanks to Kevin, Tim, Keira, Sam, Dave and Scott for your hard work this week....roll on the weekend training session! Wells done guys!
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Why did you get into diving? And if you are not a diver yet, why not?
We’ll be at the classroom tonight from 6:30pm and again on Wednesday evening if you fancy popping down to pick up your tshirts/hoodies you ordered, we still have a few people who have not collected theirs yet:)Image attachment

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I would like to order 2 more tee shirts for your next order if that's OK?

Fantastic pool session today! First confined dive in the RAID Master Rescue dives for this month, and two great students! Kev impresses me every time with how far he has come since starting - rock solid hover fella! It was a pleasure to meet Tim and see his skill set in the water...you can tell he was well trained! Well done lads, I’m looking forward to the next few weeks training!
#diveRAID #diveRAIDUK #divesouth #xdeep #apeks #learntoscuba #masterrescue
Well done to Mike on his first pool session on Scuba:) Great work towards your Open Water 20 qualification. Getting a feel for the buoyancy control and neutral buoyancy without the distraction of fins really paid off. Looking forward to next weeks session! Dive South #Divesouth #LearnToScuba #diveraiduk #Xdeep #openwater20Image attachment

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Thanks guys, great day, really good to see young divers enjoying themselves in the water. Lisa Frew great pics as always. 😀😀😀

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Love the little flutter kicks.

Nice video As always demonstrating Perfection in the water 👍🤟💪💪💪💪


Dive South

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Great news for Sharks and Rays...
What a way to end the bank holiday weekend. Thank you Maria for your very kind words, we always try our very best to get to know our students well, so we can tailor our courses to meet their needs as best we can, so it was really great to hear that you enjoyed your course with us Maria, its been great to see how far you have come from your very first pool session, to becoming a qualified diver, well done! and well see you again very soon:) Want to learn to scuba dive as part of a very small group or one to one bespoke training, please get in touch info@divesouth.co.uk or sign up to our dive centre  https://www.diveraid.com/asp/members/register.asp?fromdc=577 Dive South #divesouth #DiveRaid #DiveRaidUK #LearnToScuba #ScubaDivingUK #LoveUKdiving #LoveScubadiving Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre

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Thank you sis Ana & Barbara xx

Well done Maria xx

Congratulations sis!!! Well done Maria Tong!!! X

All set in the classroom last week for an evening of theory:) Nice comfy classroom with lots of tea, coffee and biscuits, so if you fancy booking onto our next nitrox, first aid course or just want to pop down and pick up your T-shirts and Hoodies that you ordered please message us:))Image attachmentImage attachment

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looking good guys!

Looking great

can I come for the Tea ???

Any hoodies spare Lisa Frew

Congratulations to Rob and Sam, all your hard work the past few weeks has paid off and we are very proud of you both. Well done to our two new RAID Master Rescue divers:) Its been great to see Sam grow in confidence over the past few years and I know this course was a big step for him, so really big well done Sam, I am sure your dad is a proud as we are:)) @divesouth #divesouth #diveraid #diveraiduk #learntoscuba #rescuediver #masterrescue #vobsterquayImage attachmentImage attachment

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Well what a weekend that was. Huge thanks to the DiveSouth team for their patience and understanding of our needs from our first tentative pool sessions a few years ago to becoming Raid Master Recsue divers. We have been taught to dive safely and controlled. The journey has been awesome. Sally and I are really proud of our boys and we are confident they have both had the best start to their diving careers they could of had. Proud to be part of the Raid family.PS thanks to Sally for her patience and support, she has been solid through out.

Well done gents! I wouldn't of rescued Scott though... Should of left him in! ☺️

Awesome job!! Chuffed for you both - high fives 🙂

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Lisa, thank you for the great session. I just discovered the posts 🙂

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prob following the Barrell jellyfish


Robert Gould

Raid Master Rescue, Great pool session on Sunday. Thanks guys, looking forward to the weekend. ... See MoreSee Less

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Good luck🤞

you guys did a great job Rob. Credit where its due matey!

Unfortunately Saturdays dive day has been cancelled due to winds, we may look at plan b of Vobster if people just want to get wet;)

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Or still come down, grab some bargains and look for over £2k's worth of prizes? 😁

Really fun pool session last night, Simon did brilliantly, we spent quite a bit of the session without fins working on trim and hovering, as well as some propulsion techniques and a little bit of SMB work at the end, managed to keep him busy so only got a couple of shots right at the end of the session. Well done to Rose, Mark and Max for doing so well on their Try dive with Rich and Justin and well done to Tracey for making the most of the pool time practicing some skills with Dave. Thanks everyone great work:)) @divesouth #divesouth #DiveRaid #DiveRaidUK 5ThingsClear #learntoscuba #Xdeep #ApeksImage attachmentImage attachment

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Thanks for another excellent session and thanks to Lisa for her great work.

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We look forward to diving with you soon:)

For more information please email info@divesouth.co.uk