Meet The Team

We love diving – lets face it, that’s really no secret!

Dive South started out from a group of Divemasters and Instructors who had a great time learning together, and gained so much from that experience. We decided that we wanted to teach with that in mind. People learn best together, and while enjoying the experience.

That’s not to say we aren’t serious about what we do – we want our students to be the best they can be. Our pride comes from seeing those we teach develop, not from the number of certifications we process.  Too much of the dive industry has become about getting students through the course and moving on to the next, but this checkbox learning does nothing for the skills of those who come to learn, other than produce the minimum standard.

Dive South is about helping people develop into the most knowledgeable and competent divers that they can be!

We’re a small team with a big ambition!

Sidemount Diving

Role at Dive South:
Instructor; course booker; assistant website builder; advice giver; fact finder; coffee drinker, and dive buddy – you only have to ask!

Started Diving: 2002

Where: Canary Islands

Divemaster: 2006

Instructor: 2006

Master Scuba Diver Trainer: 2007
Deco Diver: 2008
IDC Staff Instructor: 2010
Sidemount Diver: 2017
Sidemount Instructor: 2020
Cave Diver: 2023

“I learnt to dive on a surf trip and I don’t think I have holidayed away from water since! I can’t pick out a favourite thing about diving – it’s a very zen experience for me.

I set up Dive South with the ethos that teaching should always be about quality, and not quantity. I’ve been an instructor since 2006, but I still find myself learning from students and inspired by so many of them.

The last few years I have specialised in sidemount diving and diver training, but I get a kick out of helping divers develop themselves at all levels!”

Divemaster/ Veterinary Territory Manager/ Wonderluster

Role at Dive South: 

Started Diving: 2018

Where: Cozumel, Mexico

Divemaster: 2024

Since dive no.1 I have been hooked, exploring underwater is like no other experience.

That unique feeling of weightlessness, whilst discovering in the underwater world is something very special, with all its mysteries there is always something new to learn.

Being able to share the diving love and meet new diving buddies is something I feel very lucky to be able to be a part of.”

Role at Dive South:
Instructor; social and trips organiser; resident designer and photographer; paperwork proof reader; dive buddy – will never miss the opportunity to go diving all year round and even in 5 degrees with 30cm of viz – super keen:)

Started Diving: 2005

Where: UK

Divemaster: 2007

Instructor: 2009

Sidemount Diver: 2017
Sidemount Instructor: 2021
Cave Diver: 2023
Deco Diver: 2024

“I just love being in the water, the colours, the life and the sense of calmness I get as soon I descend from the surface makes me feel very privileged to be entering such an amazing world. I am totally inspired by the sites I see and the people I meet; it’s fair to say that I am addicted! I get such a buzz to be able to pass this on to others.

I specialise in sidemount (both diving & training) and have a passion for underwater photography.” (Almost all of the images on this website are Lisa’s)

Jon: Divemaster

Divemaster/  Superyacht Designer/  Longterm Campervan Converter.

Role at Dive South:

Started Diving: 2014

Where: Poole, UK

Divemaster: 2024

“I started diving with a wanderlust for travel and adventure, and quickly realised how much more there is to experience once you’re able to dive below the waters surface – it’s a whole other world!

I’ve been lucky enough to dive in Europe, Thailand, Seychelles, Mexico and Indonesia, and experience amazing wildlife, formations, history, light and sounds. That said, some of my most enjoyable dives have been around the UK on incredible wrecks or playing with Seals!

Stuart Halliday Cave Diver. Image: Tom St.George

Role at Dive South:

Started Diving: 2015

Where: Sharm-el-sheikh

Cave Diver: 2020

Divemaster: 2024

Learning to dive is hands down the best decision I ever made, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

I just love being underwater, from the abundant wrecks off the South Coast of England to the stunning biodiversity of the Indo-Pacific or the beautiful Cenotes of Mexico, or just a quiet bimble at Vobster or Stoney Cove on a Sunday morning, it’s all good.

One thing that has always struck me is the positive impact just being underwater can have on wellbeing. Being underwater seems to have some sort of mystical power which just washes away any worries you might have as soon as you start to descend – it really is amazing.

I feel extremely privileged to be able to dive and experience the underwater world and I’m super exited to be able to share this with new divers as they set out on their own journey beneath the waves.

(Image courtesy of Tom St.George)

Instructor / Engineer / Upside-down / Shiny kit collector

Role at Dive South:

Started Diving: 2005

Where: Poole, UK

“Water is my happy place. Ever since I was a child I have been in, or on, the water at every opportunity. At the age of nine I completed my first dive and fell in love with the underwater world. To be able to share that world with others is the one of the most fulfilling experiences possible, and is one that I am lucky enough to be able to do.”

Kevin Clark

Role at Dive South:
Trainee Divemaster (TDM)

Started Diving: 2017

Where: UK

Deep 40 Diver: 2018

Master Rescue: 2019

TDM: 2024

Since I was a little kid I’ve been fascinated by the sea and the alien worlds it contains. I remember spending hours at Sandbanks during endless summer holidays snorkelling and looking mostly at sand trying to find that amazing thing I’d never seen before! Some little nameless creature who saw me and zoomed off, or some discarded home that sparkled in the sun rays.

 It wasn’t until my 40th birthday that I realised I’d forgotten to learn to dive and asked for money to fund an open water course and I’ve been hooked since! I was lucky enough to learn with Dive South and they all get as excited as I do about seeing something new or interesting in our amazing coastline and I can’t wait to help new people realise their dreams, and perhaps find their passion, by sharing mine ” 

Instructor / Deco Diver / Fitness Enthusiast

Role at Dive South:
Instructor; logistics (I have a van!); assistant advice giver & fact finder; dive buddy and seal whisperer.

Started Diving: 2005

Where: Poole, UK

Divemaster: 2012

Specialty Instructor: 2014

“I’d always wanted to learn to dive, sound familiar? Me too. I find nothing more relaxing than getting in the water and focusing on a smooth dive. Finding cool critters, atmospheric wrecks or learning a new skill, it’s all good! Sharing all this with new divers is a privilege.”

Our Favorite Dive Sites

Here are just a few of our favourite dive sites and wildlife local and abroad…

We look forward to diving with you soon:)

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