Meet The Team

A little bit about us, how we became divers, and what we love about it!

Richard Frew

Instructor / Sidemount Diver / Company Director

About Rich

I learnt to dive on a surf trip and I don’t think I have holidayed away from water since! I can’t pick out a favourite thing about diving, as being underwater is a very zen experience for me. I swear I’m not a hippy!

I set up Dive South with the ethos that teaching should always be about quality, and not quantity. I’ve been an instructor since 2006, but I still find myself learning from students and inspired by so many of them.

The last few years I have specialised in sidemount diving and diver training, but I get a kick out of helping divers develop themselves at all levels!

Role at Dive South: Instructor; course booker; assistant website builder; advice giver; fact finder; coffee drinker, and dive buddy – you only have to ask!

Started Diving: 2002

Location Learnt to dive: Canary Islands

Divemaster: 2006

Instructor: 2006

Master Scuba Diver Trainer: 2007

IDC Staff Instructor: 2010

Lisa Frew

Instructor / Sidemount Diver / Graphic Designer

About Lisa

I just love being in the water, the colours, the life and the sense of calmness I get as soon I descend from the surface makes me feel very privileged to be entering such an amazing world. I am totally inspired by the sites I see and the people I meet; it’s fair to say that I am addicted! I get such a buzz to be able to pass this on to others.

I specialise in sidemount (both diving & training) and have a passion for underwater photography. (Almost all of the images on this website are Lisa’s 🙂 – Rich)

Role at Dive South: Instructor; social and trips organiser; resident designer and photographer; paperwork proof reader; dive buddy – will never miss the opportunity to go diving all year round and even in 5 degrees with 30cm of viz – super keen 🙂

Started Diving: 2005

Location Learnt to dive: Vobster, UK

Divemaster: 2007

OWSI Instructor: 2009

Dave Rintoul

Instructor / Deco Diver / Fitness Enthusiast

About Dave

I’d always wanted to learn to dive, sound familiar? Me too. I find nothing more relaxing than getting in the water and focusing on a smooth dive. Finding cool critters, atmospheric wrecks or learning a new skill, it’s all good! Sharing all this with new divers is a privilege.

Role at Dive South: Instructor; logistics (I have a van!); assistant advice giver & fact finder; dive buddy and seal whisperer.

Started Diving: 2005

Location Learnt to dive: Vobster, UK

Divemaster: 2012

Specialty Instructor: 2014

Scott Shields

Trainee Dive Master / Engineer / Upside-down / Shiny kit collector

About Scott

Water is my happy place. Ever since I was a child I have been in, or on, the water at every opportunity. At the age of nine I completed my first dive and fell in love with the underwater world. To be able to share that world with others is the one of the most fulfilling experiences possible, and is one that I am lucky enough to be able to do.

Role at Dive South: Trainee Divemaster

Started Diving: 2005

Location Learnt to dive: Vobster Quay, UK

Trainee Divemaster: 2018

Our Favourite Dive Sites

Here are just a few of our favourite dive sites and wildlife local and abroad…

Old Harry and Ballard Point – Swanage

Nice easy drift dives suitable for all levels, always the chance to see rays and dogfish

LUNDY ISLAND – Bristol Channel

With over 40 sites, there is something for eveyone from wrecks, reefs, drop offs, to pinnacles and of course seals

Grey Seal

The seals have to be the biggest attraction for divers at Lundy and it's not hard to see why

Tompot Blenny

These curious little fish always put a smile on your face, especially under Swanage Pier

Spotted Ray

This ray was spotted whilst drifting along ballard point

Common Dolphins

There is always mass excitement when some shouts dolphins! This pod was sighted at Lundy Island, but we see them locally too

Chesil Beach

Perfect spot to spend the day diving locally. Such a pretty shore dive suitable for all levels


Incredibly inquisitive, masters of camouflage. One of the best spots locally to observe them is Chesil Beach

Swanage Pier

It's structure, and wildlife make it a perfect place to take photographs and as its only 5m deep you can take your time

Ballan Wrasse

One of the prettiest fish, with its colourful markings. They are quite common locally, this one was quite happy to have it's picture taken at Kimmeridge

Chac Mool – Kukulkan

A cenote in the Riviera Maya, Mexico famous for it's stunning curtain of light, making for a spectacular dive

Lesser Spotted Dogfish (catshark)

This small species of shark can be spotted locally on most dive sites, just chilling out on the bottom


On a sunny day, the diving under Swanage Pier is just stunning. Great spot for capturing a few rays

Kimmeridge Bay

Probably one of the shallowest dive sites on our doorstep, but one of the prettiest. A carpet of snakeslock anemones everywhere!

Conger Eel

Best place to find these guys are on the wrecks, especially the Betsey Anna. If you peer into the boiler holes you may just find one or two

Betsy Anna Wreck

A great wreck for advanced open water divers as it lies in 25m of water. Loads of life and covered in soft corals and jewel anenomes

Manta Ray – Maldives

Their impressive acrobatic display's, barrel rolls and effortless gliding throughout the water are just mezmerising

Green Turtle – Mexico

Enjoying a graze on the seagrass. There's just something about their relaxed nature that make them so captivating to watch

We look forward to diving with you soon:)

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