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Don’t just learn scuba diving…  Learn how to be comfortable, aware and in control. Learn to be part of a team. Learn to help look after each other. Learn to be a great diver!
RAID is the World’s fastest growing diver training agency. Their courses are internationally recognised and accredited, and RAID divers are recognised for their skills in the water. You’ll spend more time in the water focusing on control, neutral buoyancy and trim right from the start. With every dive centre having its own online platform offering very comprehensive e-learning, so you can study anytime, anywhere.

Why learn scuba diving with us? We are not about ticking boxes in your training schedule – it’s too important for that. We’re about making you as comfortable, as competent, and as confident a diver as you can be. We only move forward when we all agree and are happy for you to progress.

If you are looking to get started and discover more information on which RAID scuba diving program or course is best for you, take a look below… If you are still not sure, then by all means contact us, and we will be happy to help!

Learn to dive safely, in comfort, and control. It all begins here!


The first steps into the underwater world!
Try scuba and experience your first breaths under water…

Scuba Diver

The forerunner to the Open Water certification! Once certified, you can dive on scuba under professional supervision…

Open Water 20

The worlds most popular scuba diving certification level! Learn to explore the underwater world with confidence…


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