Kit Shakedown! Part 3 - Cylinders. If you own you own cylinder, you will know that regular maintenance is as simple as properly cleaning and rinsing, and storing it safely with some pressure in. It is still worth running through a few checks when your cylinder has been stored for a while.If you rent cylinders, chances are they are in good working order. However, a quick check over

Kit Shakedown! Part 2 - BCDs. How often do you check your BCD or wing? They often get taken for granted, and more than a few times, we have seen people having issues with them at the dive site that could have been avoided by some simple checks and maintenance.Buoyancy compensators should be serviced regularly and we recommend annually as a minimum. If yours is still in date

Kit Shakedown! Part 1 - Regulators. With the COVID restrictions resulting in divers being out of the water for longer than normal, checking through your equipment in preparation for a return to diving will be time well spent. In this series of posts we look at some post-storage checks that can easily become a part of your normal routine. Part 1 looks at regulator checks.Making sure that your