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You have an open water certification. Are you looking for more advanced diving courses to move your diving forwards?
Learn how to be comfortable, aware and in control. Learn to be part of a team. Learn to help look after each other. Learn to be a great diver!

RAID is the World’s fastest growing diver training agency. Their courses are internationally recognised and accredited, and RAID divers are recognised for their skills in the water. You’ll spend more time in the water focusing on control, neutral buoyancy and trim right from the start. With every dive centre having its own online platform offering very comprehensive e-learning, so you can study anytime, anywhere.

Why learn advanced diving with us? We are not about ticking boxes in your training schedule – it’s too important for that. We’re about making you as comfortable, as competent, and as confident a diver as you can be. We only move forward when we all agree, and are happy for you to progress.

If you are thinking about moving your diving forward – advanced diving courses will help you increase your depth range, increase you dive times, or different diving environments,  take a look below and see what suits your interest. If you are still not sure, then by all means contact us, and we will be happy to help!

Learn to dive safely, in comfort, and control. Advanced Diving Courses with Dive South.

Increase your Depth Range...

Explorer 30

Extend your depth range and try different diving disciplines. A five dive improvement course which can be done over a weekend.

Advanced 35

Learn how to safely plan and extend your range to 35m, try out different diving disciplines and work on some rescue skills. 

Deep 40

Planning, safety and teamwork become the priorities as you take your depth range to the recreational limit!

Increase your Dive Time...

Drysuit Diver

When you get cold, you end your dive. Stay warmer for longer, widen your variety of diving, and dive all year round…


Extend your no-stop dive times and improve your safety margins in water. Nitrox decreases your nitrogen loading…

Sidemount Specialty

Increase your available gas, multiple redundancy for safety, streamlining, buoyancy and trim…

Improve Your Core Skillset...

Scuba ReBoot

Feeling out of practice? Refresh your theory, sharpen your skills and build on your diving confidence…

Master Rescue Diver

The most useful recreational course you can take part in. Learn to assess risks and respond safely to emergency situations…

First Aid

Be in a position to help when help is needed. Learn effective first aid, designed with divers in mind….

Dive in Different Environments...

Night & Limited Visibility

Day time diving is only half of the story! You don’t need to stop diving just because it gets dark. A whole new world is waiting!

Wreck Diver

History, structure, marine life. Wrecks are rich in all. Learn the protocols and planning to dive on and around wrecks…

Advanced Wreck Diver

Building on the wreck diver course, learn safety protocols, line work and wreck penetration…


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